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Academic Appeal Letter Requirements

It is important that students who have been suspended from Lindenwood University take the requirement to write a letter of appeal seriously.  This letter should be professionally and sincerely written.

The letter should be typed, double-spaced, grammatically correct, and printed in black ink. 

The first section of the letter should include your personal information including your official name, date of birth, address, telephone number, email address, LU identification number, year in college, advisor’s name, and major.

The second section should include a detailed summary of the events that led to your suspension.  Please explain the situation from your point of view as completely as you feel comfortable.  If supporting documents, such as medical documentation, are available, mention them here and attach copies to the letter.

The third section is the most important.  In this section, you are expected to outline the specific steps you will take to successfully complete your course of study.  Instead of saying, “I will work harder,” you might say, “I will study at least two hours each evening, seek assistance from tutors, and ask my professors for help when I need it.”

The appeal letter and any supporting documents may be delivered in one of four ways: US mail, Fax, email, or personal delivery.  Please note that email is strongly preferred.  When an appeal is received by email, a receipt will be sent immediately.  All appeal responses will be sent first by email, with a hard copy follow-up by US mail within a few days.

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