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Academic Degrees

Undergraduate Degrees
   •Bachelor of Arts
   •Bachelor of Fine Arts
   •Bachelor of Science

Graduate Degrees
   •Doctor of Education
   •Master of Arts
   •Master of Arts in Teaching
   •Master of Business Admin.
   •Master of Fine Arts
   •Master of Science in Valuation

Interdisciplinary majors and minors are available in international studies and human resource management.

In all divisions, individualized degrees may be developed on a contract basis for interdisciplinary specialties.

The major areas of concentration and the format in which each degree is offered are listed under Degree Programs on this website.

Education Certification Programs

Early Childhood Special Education
Early Childhood (Birth through Grade 3)
Elementary (1-6)
Elem/Special Education (Grades K-12)

Middle School (Grades 5-9)
   -Social Studies
Secondary (9-12)
   -Industrial Technology
   -Marketing Education
   -Unified Science (Biology/chemistry endorsement)
   -Social Sciences
   -Speech & Theatre
Special Education (K-12)
   -Learning Disabilities
   -Behaviorally Disordered
   -Mentally Handicapped
K-12 Certification
   -Foreign Language (French, Spanish)
   -Music (Instrumental, Vocal)
   -Physical Education

Students interested in special education will note tht the program leads to certification in elementary education (1-6) and an area of special education certification (K-12).

It is recommended that students consider other combination certificates, for example:

Early Childhood/Elementary (Birth-Grade 6)
Elementary/Middle School (1-9)
Secondary/Middle School (5-12)

Those seeking secondary certification must complete a major in their subject specialty; those seeking middle school certification must complete a minimum of 21 specific hours area of concentration within their field of certification. Students seeking only middle school certification should be aware that such certification allows them limited career options in middle school education (Grades 5-9). Therefore, secondary and middle school education students are encouraged to consider an endorsement in a second area. Because of the complexity of both programs, the student must carefully plan and sequence their coursework.

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