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Dr. Ken Miller

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Dr. Ken Miller Dr. Ken Miller
Scientist, Author
Why Evolution Matters in America Today.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013
7:00 PM – Spellmann Center
Anheuser Busch Leadership Room

On the front lines of the evolution versus intelligent design debate, Kenneth Miller is an outspoken advocate for the science of evolution. A scientist and a Roman Catholic, he believes God and Darwin's Theory of Evolution can co-exist, as he asserts in his bestseller, Finding Darwin's God. Miller is a professor of biology at Brown--a Walt Whitman-quoting lecturer with a knack for getting across important points in a clear, often humorous manner. He's the author of America's most-used high school biology textbooks. He's debated the most popular proponents of Intelligent Design and creationism in public forums. And he was the lead witness in the historic Dover “Intelligent Design” Trial and was reportedly instrumental in the judge's ruling that the local school board had no right to require teachers to offer ID as an alternative to evolution.

In his critically acclaimed 2008 book Only a Theory and in his talks, Miller dissects the arguments of the Intelligent Design movement.

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