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About LU - Belleville
Academic Appeal Letter Requirements
Academic Divisions
Academic Services
Academics - Study Abroad
Academic Success Center
Accelerated Degree Programs
Accelerated Degree Programs - Advisor Contacts
Accelerated Degree Programs - Current Students
Accelerated Degree Programs - Enrollment Dates
Accelerated Degree Programs - Job Opportunities
Admissions - Credit by Examination
Admissions - Early Start Students
Admissions - Home School Students
Alumni & Friends
Alumni & Friends - Board & Meetings
Alumni & Friends - Campus Tour
Alumni & Friends - Events
Alumni Benefits
Alumni Club - Belleville Chapter
Alumni Photo Galleries
Alumni Relations Staff
Application Frequently Asked Questions
Archived News for Lindenwood University - Belleville
Athletic Training


Board of Directors
Business & Entrepreneurship
Business Administration
Business Office
Business Office - 1098-T Form
Business Office Contacts
Business Office - Office Hours & Location
Business Office - Refunds
Business Office - Student Account Representatives


Campus Map
Campus News - Lindenwood University - Belleville
Campus Security
Career Development
Career Development - For Alumni & Students
Career Development - For Employers
Career Development - What Can I Do With My Major?
Career Opportunities
Catalogs and Schedules
Catalogs - Archive
Communications - Current Students
Communications - Prospective Students
Corporate Communications
Counseling - Advising Helpers
Counseling - Announcements
Counseling - Apply Now
Counseling - Career Counseling
Counseling - Chi Sigma Iota
Counseling - Codes of Ethics
Counseling - Contact info
Counseling - Current Students
Counseling Degrees
Counseling Faculty
Counseling - Field Placement Advising Helpers
Counseling - General Advising Helpers
Counseling - Internship Advising Helpers
Counseling - Job Announcements
Counseling - Mental Health Links
Counseling - Personal Counseling
Counseling - Professional Counseling Advising Helpers
Counseling - Professional Counseling Licensure Information
Counseling - Professional Organizations
Counseling - Prospective Students
Counseling - School Counseling Advising Helpers
Counseling - School Counselor Certification Information
Counseling - Seminars and Workshops
Creative Writing
Criminal Justice
Criminal Justice Club
Criminal Justice Internships
Current Employees
Current Students
Current Students
Current Students
Current Students
Current Students
Current Students - Inclement Weather Procedures


DB&E - Accounting - Student Learning Outcomes
DB&E - Accreditation
DB&E - Business Administration - Student Learning Outcomes
DB&E - Business Partners
DB&E - Current Students
DB&E - Emphases
DB&E - Faculty
DB&E - Finance - Student Learning Outcomes
DB&E - Human Resource Managment - Student Learning Outcomes
DB&E - Marketing - Student Learning Outcomes
DB&E - Master of Business Administration (MBA)
DB&E - Minors
DB&E - Mission Statement
DB&E - Prospective Students
DB&E - Sport Management - Student Learning Outcomes
Degree Faculty
Degree Programs
Department Faculty
Dining Services
Directions to LU-Belleville
Directory (Contact Us)
Directory - Faculty and Staff
Disabilities Services
Division Faculty
Division Faculty
Division of Education & Counseling
Division of Education & Counseling - Available Grants
Division of Education & Counseling - Available Grants
Division of Education & Counseling - Educators New to Illinois
Division of Education & Counseling Faculty
Division of Education & Counseling - Student Learning Outcomes
Division of Humanities
Division of Humanities - Communications - BA Advertising & Public Relations: Corporate Communications - Student Learning Outcomes
Division of Humanities - Communications - BA Interactive Media and Web Design - Student Learning Outcomes
Division of Humanities - Communications - BA Mass Communications - Student Learning Outcomes
Division of Humanities - Communications - Department Faculty
Division of Humanities - Communications - Minor in Communications
Division of Humanities - Communications - Minor in Interactive Media and Web Design
Division of Humanities - English- BA in English: Creative Writing Emphasis - Student Learning Outcomes
Division of Humanities - English- BA in English: Literature Emphasis - Student Learning Outcomes
Division of Sciences
Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences


Education - Accreditation
Educational Leadership - Student Learning Outcomes
Education - Contact Us
Education - Current Students - Applying to Illinois
Education - Current Students - Frequently Asked Questions
Education - Current Students - Important Dates and Announcements
Education - Current Students - Student Teaching
Education - Division Chair's Update
Education - Faculty
Education - Graduate Degrees - Education Specialist
Education - Prospective Students - Frequently Asked Questions
Education - Undergraduate - Bachelor of Arts in Educational Studies
Education - Undergraduate - Student Learning Outcomes
English Careers
English - Writing Proficiency Assessment
English - Writing Proficiency Assessment Schedule
Evening & Graduate Admissions
Exercise Science


Financial Aid
Financial Aid - Academic Progress
Financial Aid - Apply for Aid - Parents
Financial Aid - Apply for Aid - Students
Financial Aid Contacts
Financial Aid - Exit Interview Counseling (Stafford)
Financial Aid - Exit Interview Counseling (TEACH Grant)
Financial Aid - Frequently Asked Questions
Financial Aid - Money Management
Financial Aid - Office Hours & Location
Financial Aid - Procedures
Financial Aid - Scholarship Search
Financial Aid - Welcome from the VP for Enrollment Management
Financial Aid - Withdrawal & Refund Calculation
Financial Aid - Worksheets / Forms
Financial Services
Financial Services - Frequently Asked Questions
Financial Services - International Students
Financial Services - Payment Options
Find A Counselor
Find A Counselor - Allen Siedle
Find A Counselor - Allison McAteer
Find A Counselor - Angelo Crinzi
Find A Counselor - Ashleigh Goedereis
Find A Counselor - Bob Frey
Find A Counselor - Brittany Poist
Find A Counselor - Caitlin Erickson
Find A Counselor - Chris Sandefur
Find A Counselor - Daniel Restrepo
Find A Counselor - General Inquiries
Find A Counselor - Jason Rejfek
Find A Counselor - Jeff Reis
Find A Counselor - John Grubisich
Find A Counselor - Justin Wells
Find A Counselor - Kelly Prince
Find A Counselor - Kyle Sumsion
Find A Counselor - Mandy Lau
Find A Counselor - Melissa Shreve
Find A Counselor - Mirek Sharp
Find A Counselor - Stephanie McGovern
First-Year Programs
First-Year Programs - Parents
From the President's Desk


Give to Lindenwood Belleville
Giving - Annual Fund
Giving - Annual Fund - Linden Grove Society
Giving - Athletics Fund
Giving - Cash, Check, Money Order
Giving - Contact Us
Giving - Donate Online
Giving - Endowments
Giving - Gift Cards
Giving - Giving Opportunities
Giving - Heritage Societies
Giving - Scholarships
Giving - Societies - The Butler Society
Giving - Supporting Students
Giving - Text Giving
Giving - The Sibley Heritage Society
Giving - Ways to Give
Graduate Admissions - Application Process
Graduate Degrees
Graduation - Commencement
Graduation - Directions to St. Charles Family Arena
Graduation - Eligibility
Graduation - Etiquette
Graduation - Frequently Asked Questions
Graduation - Guests with Accessibility Needs
Graduation - Guest Ticket Information
Graduation - Instructions for Graduating Students
Graduation - Photography
Graduation - Reserve a Cap and Gown
Graduation - Students with Accessibility Needs


Homecoming 2015 - Events
Homecoming 2015 - Travel / General Information
Honors College
Housing - Fred J. Kern Hall
Housing - Ladies' Lynx Lodge
Housing - Lynx Lodge
Human Resource Management
Human Resources


Interactive Media and Web Design
International Admissions
International - Admissions Process
International Orientation
International - Required Documents
International - Travel Arrangements
International - Travel Tips
International - Visa Information
Intramural Sports


LBSGA (Student Government)
LBSGA Executive Board
LBTV - Lindenwood University - Belleville TV
Lindenwood Auditorium
LU-Belleville 2014-15 Speaker Series
LU-Belleville Speaker Series
LU-Belleville Speaker Series - Jamie Tworkowski
LU-Belleville Speaker Series - Jennifer Bricker
LU-Belleville Speaker Series - Jennifer Stenger
LU-Belleville Speaker Series - Lea DeLaria
LU-Belleville Speaker Series - Olivia Block
LU-Belleville Speaker Series - Whit Reichert
Lynx Athletics
Lynx Tale Newspaper


MA Professional Counseling
MA Professional Counseling Student Learning Outcome
MA School Counseling
MA School Counseling Student Learning Outcome
Mass Communications
Mathematics Placement Testing
Minor in English
Mission Statement
Mission Statement


Nonprofit Bootcamp Simulation


Off-Site Locations - Collinsville, IL


peerTransfer (International Wire Transfers)
Portal - Faculty
Portal - Student
Prospective Students
Prospective Students
Prospective Students
Prospective Students
Prospective Students
Psychology Club
Psychology - Department Faculty


Quick Facts – Belleville Campus – Fall 2014


Residence Hall Information


SB&E - Degrees
Search Lindenwood University - Belleville
Security Reports
Social Media
Sport Management
Student Activities
Student Counseling Resource Center
Student Development
Student Development - Pioneering Students
Student Learning Outcomes
Student Learning Outcomes
Student Organizations
Student Worker Program
Student Worker Program - Federal Work Study
Student Worker Program - Nonfederal-Regular Student Workers
Student Worker Program - Payment
Summer Rhythm and Music Series


Transcript - How to Order an Official Transcript
Transfer Guides
Tuition and Fees


Undergraduate Admissions - Mathematics Placement - Current Students
Undergraduate Admissions - Mathematics Placement - Incoming Students
Undergraduate Admissions - Mathematics Placement - Testing Review
Undergraduate Admissions - Writing Placement Testing
Undergraduate Day Admissions
Undergraduate Day Admissions - Open House


Writing Certificate

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