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Student Development
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Student Organizations

Have a club idea?

If you have an idea for an organization, please feel free to contact
Corey Ellzey, Director of Student Life & Leadership, at (618) 239-6171.

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Accounting and Finance Club

This club serves as an opportunity for those interested in these programs to get answers. Furthermore, collaboration on projects and creating networking systems within the field is encouraged.

Staff Advisor: Steven Coleman - 6194 /

Arcane Gaming

Serving as the focal point for all things gaming, Arcane Gaming is here to provide a friendly competitive environment where students can learn about a variety of games. Open to everyone, the only requirements are to come with an open mind and your favorite game to teach other members.

Staff Advisor: Nick Moramarco - 6226 /

Association of Sport Business & Entrepreneurship

The purpose of this club is to provide an enjoyable and enriching environment of professional growth and camaraderie for those students interested in the field of sports and business and what drives those organizations.

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Ted Burden - 6162 /

Beauty Redefined

Created to inform the student body that beauty is found in all shapes and sizes at Lindenwood. Focused on positive and constant encouragement, we believe everyone has something beautiful to contribute to the world.

Staff Advisor: Dr. Cindy Manjounes - 6029 /

Bible Study - Sojourn

This bible study exists with the purpose to glorify God and make joyful disciples starting here in Belleville and to the ends of the earth. This study is supported by Sojourn Church of Belleville; we gather to study the Bible, learn about Jesus Christ, and to have fellowship.

Staff Advisor: Daniel Restrepo - 6249 /

Biology Club

Biology Club’s sole purpose is to forst the advancement of science and service to society through membership. Open to everyone, this club allows for networking and collaborations within its members.

Staff Advisor: Dr. Paige Mettler-Cherry – 6011 /

Black Student Union (BSU)

BSU is a Student Directory Group that offers black students a form of identity and a social life. The purpose of BSU is to promote and sustain an atmosphere that is conducive to the political, cultural, social, spiritual, economic, and educational growth of minority students and the University community at-large. The group seeks to provide an on-campus home for all that are in search of a community they can call their own.

Staff Advisor: Dr. Thomas Trice - 6130 /

Campus Activities Board (CAB)

Campus Activities Board members work together to get in touch with the student body to find out what they really want to see happening on the LU-Belleville campus. This organization provides fun and culturally-enriching extracurricular events on campus and throughout the community.

Faculty Sponsor: Corey Ellzey - 6171 -

Chess Club

The purpose of this club is for students to both learn the art of the game of chess and to further develop and hone their skills in this area.

Staff Advisor: Dr. Thomas Trice - 6130 /

Criminal Justice Club

Whether you're pursuing a degree in criminal justice or just interested in the subject, the Criminal Justice Club gives students the chance to learn more about the fields of law enforcement, the court system, and corrections.

Faculty Advisor:
Joe Zlatic - 6345 /


Enactus is an international organization allowing college students to use their business skills to improve the lives of others. At the same time, the students gain valuable experience, have networking opportunities with some of the nation’s largest companies, and become involved in improving their community. Enactus teams are student led with the assistance of a faculty advisor. Our Enactus team develops and executes outreach projects to help improve the lives of others through the positive power of business. Our team will present its projects and results at regional and national competitions each year. Students may take the Enactus class for either zero or one credit hour. The course may be repeated for one credit hour up to four times for a maximum of four credit hours.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Sila Tuju - 6336 - 6206 /

Entrepreneurial Ventures

The goal of this club is to provide guidance, mentoring, and an environment for growth that emphasizes entrepreneurial values and ideas for students looking to create their own businesses.

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Christopher Dussold -

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA)

To present to coaches and athletes, and all whom they influence, the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, serving Him in their relationships and in the fellowship of the church.

Staff Advisor: Stephanie McGovern - 6057 /

Future Educators of America (FEA)

Future Educators of America cultivates highly skilled educators by guiding young people on a path to becoming accomplished teachers, beginning in high school and extending through college and into the profession.

Staff Advisor: Dr. Stephanie Yearian – 6096 /


Fusion Exists to impact the Lindenwood Campus and the surrounding community by connecting students to Christ, to each other, and to the world. We will have weekly gatherings for students to build relationships and will conduct local service projects in the Belleville Community.

Staff Advisor: Mark Peters /


Hyperlynx will provide students with an opportunity to explore and research topics in interactive media and web design that go beyond what is taught in the classroom. The organization will serve as a collaborative, creative environment where students can share ideas, experiment with new technology, and foster a culture of curiosity and innovation on the LU Belleville campus.

Staff Advisor: Derek Dadian-Smith - 6259 /

International Student Organization

We exist with the purpose of serving the international student population on campus; by developing ways to support needs among international students. Also, sharing culture and educating those around us.

Staff Advisor: Daniel Restrepo -

Lindenwood Student Government Association – LSGA

Student Government members work together with other clubs and organizations to provide activities and programs for the entire campus and community. If you want your voice to be heard or see a future in politics, this is the perfect organization for you.

All members of the executive board may be reached by email at
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Cindy Manjounes - 6029 /

LU-Belleville Athletic Training Association

This club's purpose is to instill leadership qualities and professional development among young individuals within the Lindenwood University-Belleville Athletic Training program.

Staff Advisor: William Dill - 6109 /

Lynx Pack

The purpose of this club is to organize events and activities to entice students to attend and participate in athletic events. Tail gate parties, cookouts, watch parties and other activities will be carried out to support and boost attendance at all university athletic events.

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Ted Burden -

Lynx Tale Student Newspaper and Yearbook Committee

Have you ever thought about a career in journalism? Do you want to leave a legacy at Lindenwood? If your answer is yes, then the Lynx Tale Student Newspaper and Momentum Yearbook Committee are for you. These organizations allow you to be creative and a part of the action at LU-Belleville.

Faculty Advisor: Justin Edgren – 6062 /

National Broadcast Society

National Broadcasting Society is an organization for students majoring or interested in communications. These students meet to learn more about broadcasting, film, and interactive and electronic media. They will gain leadership experience, network with communications professionals, and develop resume-writing skills and job interview techniques.

Faculty Advisors:<br/ >Brendan Leahy - 6260 /
Tom Calhoun - 6240 /

The Pen and the Page

The pen and the page serves as an outlet to all writing enthusiasts at Lindenwood. If you enjoy reading books, reading or writing poems, or writing short stories, then we are the organization for you!

Faculty Advisor: Megan Peabody – 6159 /

Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity

The brothers of Phi Beta Sigma are the Fraternity’s most valuable resource and strength. They are the primary means by which the Phi Beta Sigma objectives will be achieved. In order to accomplish the Fraternity’s objectives, it is essential that systems are instituted that effectively embody “Culture For Service and Service For Humanity” and promote brotherhood, scholarship and service.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Thomas Trice - 6130 /

Photography Club

This club is for an opportunity for any student who is interested in photography to develop their skills in the art of photography.

Club Sponsor: Lennon Mueller - 6064 /

Powerlifting Club

The goal of the powerlifting club is to help individuals achieve physical fitness with the support of others through the performance of physical exercise.

Faculty Sponsors:
Dr. Chris Fahs -
Ms. Michelle Sandford -

Psi Chi

Psi Chi is an international honor society whose purpose shall be to encourage, stimulate, and maintain excellence in scholarship of the individual members in all fields, particularly in psychology, and to advance the science of psychology.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Trisha Prunty – 6341 /

Psychology Club

The purpose of the Psychology Club is to give students out-of-classroom learning experiences in fields related to psychology through events. Members aim to contribute to LU-Belleville and the community at large in the form of community service projects relating to psychology.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Diana Jacobs - 6178 /

Red Cross Club

This student organization assists in organizing and working at all Red Cross Blood Drives on campus. Club members work closely with the Red Cross of Southwestern Illinois to raise awareness of blood drives and the importance of donating blood.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Rick Finger - 6177 /

Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity

The purpose of this fraternity is to promote the highest ideals of manhood, brotherhood, and citizenship according to the principles of the fraternity.

Club Sponsor: Corey Ellzey -

The Spectrum Alliance

This alliance will provide student-oriented awareness on issues of social justice throughout the campus community. Predominantly, the Alliance is dedicated to supporting issues that may impact the LGBT community. The alliance stresses equality among all people.

Faculty Advisors:
Dr. Amy Gangloff - 6229 /
Dr. Erin Mann - 6231 /

Vibrant Interpretations Book Club

Members of this club read and discuss a variety of novels, short stories, nonfiction pieces, poetry collections, biographies, and plays with one another. Various interpretations, thoughtful analysis, and respectful debates amongst those participating are highly encouraged.

Staff Advisor:
Jessica Bentele - 6072 /

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