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Alumni Spotlight

Mark Hallett - 2011

The main thing that separates Lindenwood from the rest is the one-to-one mentoring that professors give to their students. I came to Lindenwood with an expectation that it would be like any other school, but was incredibly surprised to see how the professors took time out of their day to help whenever needed. Through the work and learn program, I was able to get hands-on experience that I feel few schools could compete with. The exceptional knowledge and industry-specific experience from the faculty at Lindenwood, as well as having the latest technology in computer and camera equipment, helped prepare me for the future. I believe the reason I was able to find work in my field since graduation was because of my time at Lindenwood, and I'm very thankful for that.

Zach White

Lindenwood provided me with an enduring education, new friendships from across the world, and, most importantly, countless opportunities to pursue a career in mass media, ranging from being trusted with expensive video cameras to document a homeless encampment on the Mississippi River, to creating the next viral YouTube video.

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