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School of Communications
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Current Students

Welcome to Mass Communications, the most exciting program at Lindenwood.

We recognized that attending an institution can have it stressful moments and occasionally leave you a bit confused.  Most questions students pose fall into one of three categories:  academic, financial, student life (dorms).  Professors and Academic Advisors are not the best source of information for your university financial questions or you campus living facility.  For the issues with these areas, please contact either the Business Office or Student Life.  For academic questions, the best place to start is with your Academic Advisor.

The most definitive source for everything “Lindenwood” is the catalog and the Student Handbook .  (When referring to the catalog, make sure you are reading the one that was issued the year you started at Lindenwood.)   Here are students’ most frequently asked questions.   

How to I know who my Academic Advisor is?

Your Academic Advisor should be listed in your student portal.  This person is your “go-to” guide for your educational queries.  Most likely, your advisor is a fulltime faculty person who teaches in your major.  Academic Services can help you track down this information.  See our list of School of Communications faculty  for additional questions.

How do I know what courses I’m supposed to take to complete my degree?

As you make your way through our School of Communications programs, you should always reference your course catalog.  In addition, we have created Program Planning Guides that corresponds with the catalog year you enrolled at Lindenwood University.  You’ll frequently hear communications faculty refer to these guides as “bingo sheets.”  Your Academic Advisor can provide you with one or you can find them here, or on the shared PC Common drive.  Look for the folder called, “Program Planning Guides.”  As a general rule, students will meet with their advisors twice a year to select courses for the upcoming semester.  You will not be able to register for courses online without first meeting with your academic advisor.  Your advisor must “unlock your student portal.”

How can I change advisors and officially declare a new major or minor?

If you wish to change advisors, you will need to pick up a “Change of Advisor” form from the Academic Services department, located in the basement of Roemer Hall.  Visit your new advisor for his or her signature.  A signature from your previous advisor is not necessary.

When do I register for classes?

Great question, we’re glad you’re thinking ahead!  Students register for the upcoming semester’s classes according to predetermined dates noted in the Academic Calendar.  Your registration date depends on how many credit hours you have earned at the end of your last “completed” semester.  Class designations are: freshmen = 0-23 credit hours, sophomores = 24-53 credit hours, juniors = 54-83 credit hours, seniors = 84 credit hours and above.

How can I add or drop a class?

Scheduling classes can be the most stressful task students worry about besides taking exams.  Your first step should be checking the Academic Calendar  for important add/drop deadlines.  Then, consult with your academic advisor to ensure you are on the right track with course planning.  The ability to add or drop a course online via your portal isn’t always an option.  If the online schedule change window has closed, then you will need an “Add/Drop” form signed by your advisor.  You can find those forms in Academic Services, located in the basement of Roemer Hall.  Depending on when you are dropping the course, you may need the signature of the course’s instructor.  See the academic calendar.  You will always need your advisor’s signature on the “Add/Drop” form. 

I’d like to get involved in campus media, who do I contact?

Now, you’re talking.  Getting involved with our campus media is the quickest way to gain a competitive edge in the media world.  We welcome your involvement at any grade level.  Any of our fulltime faculty can point you in the right direction.  Check out the possibilities

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