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Electronic/Web Resources


Blackboard is a web-based course management system that Lindenwood University uses to deliver content for a variety of courses. Blackboard displays the course(s) in which students are registered. Blackboard is used throughout the course by instructors to provide course material and links to the student.

If a course requires Blackboard use, the course syllabus will direct students to log into Blackboard.  Only students enrolled in classes for which a Blackboard shell has been set up are required to log into Blackboard.   To log into Blackboard from the Lindenwood website, select BLACKBOARD from the top right menu bar to access your blackboard. You must use your Lionmail username only (not your full Lionmail email address) and your Lionmail password.

Blackboard Online Support

Blackboard also allows the student to manage course(s), check grades, create blog entries, create and view discussion board threads, take tests online through blackboard, and contact students and instructors. A student tutorial for further help on Blackboard is located on the University website under Blackboard, and Student-Online Tutorials. If you have any online concerns or need technical support, you may access Blackboard online support on the University website under Blackboard, and Blackboard-Online Support. You may chat live with a support team member, submit a ticket with your issue or concern, or call directly and toll-free at (877)-615-8212. Blackboard online support may also be accessed by clicking here

PC Common

The purpose of PC Common is to allow students easy access to some instructors’ course materials depending on if the instructor provides materials through PC Common.  As PC Common is available to everyone at Lindenwood, information on PC Common is typically limited to common information such as syllabi and instructor office hours.

PC Common may be accessed from any campus computer (from My Computer, P Drive) or from off campus via the Lindenwood website.  (Access to PC Common from off campus requires a Lionmail login and password.)  Not all faculty members use PC Common to post class materials.  Many prefer to use Blackboard.

Help Desk

The Help Desk is operated by the Department of Information Technology and provides help to students with questions about computers, web access, the Student Portal, audio-visual technology, Lionmail, telephones, and cable television services. The Help Desk is staffed Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. and Saturday from 8:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m.  If you need assistance with any information technology issues, you may contact the Help Desk by calling ext. 5100 on campus or 636-255-5100 off campus, or email at  The Help Desk is located in on the 1st floor of the Spellmann Center.

Lionmail Account

Graduate students are responsible for checking their Lindenwood Lionmail email account.  Important messages including information about academic standing and financial aid reminders are sent via Lionmail.  Students will be held accountable for any information or due dates sent via the campus email system.   Note that Lionmail is the only email account to which professors and advisors have access for all students.  Lionmail messages can be forwarded to a personal email account such as Gmail or Yahoo for the student’s convenience. Lindenwood University is now partnered with Google for Lionmail. (The official email system for students is identified by and can be accessed via Lionmail on Google Apps.)

Lionmail accounts are created only for students currently enrolled in Lindenwood classes. Lionmail accounts are created in batches every 2-3 business days. Therefore, students may need to wait up to three business days after registering for classes for a Lionmail username and password to be available. For further assistance after that time, contact the help desk at

If you need to forward an email, you will need to log into your Lionmail email account, click on a selected email that is located in your inbox folder, select “more” from the drop down menu next to the “reply arrow,” and select “forward.” You may also forward an email in your sent folder in the same order of steps.

Finding Your Email Login/Password:  

  • Select EMAIL from the top right menu bar of the Lindenwood website and select Find Your Username.
  • To find your Lionmail user name, click here.
  • Your Lionmail password will be the mm/dd of your birth + last four digits of SSN (the password will be 8 digits, no spaces).  
  • To access your Lionmail, click here.

Student Portal

The Student Portal provides students access to their own academic information (i.e., grades, course evaluations, schedules and transcripts, their own ledger statement showing billing and financial aid, a list of courses offered, and the ability to register online, etc.)  The Student Portal also allows  students to fill out an emergency contact, log into their Lionmail account, display a ledger statement for housing, and print management, which allows students to view the current balance. Along with the Student Portal, the student services section gives access to career insider—an online career resource online, dining services, emergency text messaging, enrollment certificate, and student loan deferment. The course management section provides students with simple access to Blackboard.

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