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Romero-Ghiretti, Gabriela

Associate Professor, Spanish
School of Humanities - Foreign Language

Butler Hall 311
(636) 627 2508

Course Information

Term Course Course Name

FA SEM 16 SPA 10200 21  Elementary Spanish II (GE-ForLang)
FA SEM 16 SPA 31200 11  Advanced Written Expression (GE-ForLang)
FA SEM 16 SPA 41800 11  The Spanish-American Short Story (GE-CrsClt)
SP SEM 17 SPA 19900 11  Special Topics: Hispanic (Mis)Representations (GE-CrsClt)
SP SEM 17 SPA 33600 11  Latin American Culture and Civilization (GE-CrsClt)
SP SEM 17 SPA 35100 21  Masterpieces of Spanish-American Literature (GE-CrsClt)


Before joining Lindenwood University in the Fall of 2012 as an Assistant Professor of Spanish, Dr. Gabriela Romero-Ghiretti obtained her BA in English and Teacher Training at National University of Cuyo, in Mendoza, Argentina. She then attended Washington University in Saint Louis, Missouri, where she earned her MA in Spanish, a Graduate Certificate in Language Instruction, and her PhD in Hispanic Languages and Literatures. There, she also served as a full-time Spanish lecturer from 2010-2012. Dr. Romero-Ghiretti has extensive teaching experience both domestically and abroad with all levels of language and literature courses. She has taught beginner as well as advanced language classes in topics ranging from advanced composition to literature and culture. At LU, Dr. Romero-Ghiretti has taught elementary, intermediate, and advanced language courses, as well as literature and culture, including seminar courses on the Spanish-American short story, and the novel of the Mexican Revolution Her research interests include Latin American women writers; women and gender studies; avant-garde literature (especially the Mexican Estridentista and Contemporáneos movements); gender and modernity, and language acquisition through literature. She has published in peer-reviewed journals and received awards in teaching and writing. She has also presented papers in several conferences domestically and abroad. She is currently working on a book project about Latin American women intellectuals in early twentieth-century. Her latest article is forthcoming in Chasqui.

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