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Lively, Jason

Professor, Communications
School of Arts, Media, and Communications

Spellmann Center 4150
(636) 949 4696

Course Information

Term Course Course Name

FA SEM 16 COM 48400 11  Capstone Interactive Media and Web Design
SP SEM 17 COM 42400 11  Applications for Mobile Devices
SP SEM 17 COM 52400 11  Applications for Mobile Devices


Jason Dude Lively (Dr. Dude) has been teaching online in the Interactive Media & Web Design program for several years. He has a BBA in Computer Information Systems from Howard Payne University in Brownwood Texas; an MBA in Computer Information Systems from Tarleton State University in Stephenville Texas; an Educational Specialist degree from Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale Florida; and a Ph.D. in Computing Technology in Education from Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale Florida. Jason brings a plethora of life experiences related to Web Design and Interactive Media into the classroom. As a programmer and charter web master in the late 90’s for a large computer manufacturing firm, he was able to garnish some early expertise in the area of web design and multimedia. Jason later served as a University webmaster for 4 years, and has continued to evolve in the field through active involvement in consulting work, research, and training. He serves as a consultant and as a freelance designer as a means of staying up on the demands of his field. First and foremost his focus is on students. Jason brings his educational background, experiences, and passion for learning into each of his classes.

Dr. Dude views teaching as an opportunity to empower students with the abilities and skills necessary to be successful. He strives to create an atmosphere that fosters learning while placing emphasis on the student’s role in the educational process. Adopting a more student-centered learning approach, he utilizes constructivist methods of instruction that require students to become engaged with the course content. Dr. Dude believes that students must not only understand the content covered in a class, but that the student should be able to synthesize and then apply the content to real world situations. As a result of this philosophy, many of his assessment methods focus on the student’s ability to analyze the course content, develop solutions to real work problems, and implement those solutions in a manner that demonstrates their cognitive engagement with the course material.

When developing a course, degree program, or class lecture; Jason is diligent in aligning his pedagogical decisions with his teaching philosophy. Hands-on projects and activities are used extensively in his courses. In addition to these types of activities, Jason utilizes a scoring method that encourages students to push beyond their comfort zone. By listing a set of criteria to which an assignment will be graded, but requiring additional elements beyond that list to achieve an “A”, students are challenged to push their learning further in an area related to the subject matter but of a personal interest to them.

Dr. Dude’s approach to advising easily correlates with his teaching philosophy. He expects the student to play a primary role in their advisement after their freshman year. Jason provides students with the information to make informed decisions regarding their degree plan. After a student has selected an ideal schedule, he checks for completion of prerequisites, conflicts, and other issues. Dr. Dude encourages students not to arrive for advising without putting some forethought into their upcoming schedule. He strives to keep the locus of control with the student. Jason wants the student to have ownership in their schedule and in their learning. In addition, He believes that advising extends beyond merely pointing a student to a set of classes that they will need to take. Advising students about career opportunities, available internships, resume preparation, and interviewing processes are also essential components of the process. One of the most important concepts that Dr. Dude hopes to impart on his students is that learning should be a life-long process.


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