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Thies, Jeanie

Associate Professor
School of Human Services

Memorial Arts Building 108
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SU SEM 16 PS 15500 OL11 ONLNE American Government: The Nation (GE-AmGovHis)
FA SEM 16 PS 15500 11  American Government: The Nation (GE-AmGovHis)
FA SEM 16 PS 15500 OL01 ONLNE American Government: The Nation (GE-AmGovHis)
FA SEM 16 PS 31500 11  Policy Analysis Statistics
SP SEM 17 PS 15500 11  American Government: The Nation (GE-AmGovHis)
SP SEM 17 PS 15500 12  American Government: The Nation (GE-AmGovHis)


Jeanie Thies is  Associate Professor of Criminal Justice at Lindenwood University. She earned her PhD in Political Science and Master’s degrees in Political Science and Psychology from the University of Missouri – St. Louis, and her B.A. in Psychology from University of Missouri – Columbia. Dr. Thies began her professional career as a criminal psychologist and spent nearly ten years working in corrections, as a therapist and director of Missouri’s sex offender program. She has an additional fifteen years of experience as a consultant and trainer for criminal and juvenile justice agencies and the courts, and has consulted on national, state and local projects. Her areas of expertise include offender risk assessment, design and evaluation of offender treatment programs, and sex offenders. She has presented at conferences and published articles on the topics of prison siting, sex offending, juveniles in residential setting, treatment courts, use of logic models in evaluation, offender reentry, and domestic violence. Dr. Thies has taught courses in criminology, criminal justice systems, corrections, criminal behavior, criminal justice and popular culture, program evaluation, research methods, and psychology.


International Association of Forensic and Correctional Psychologists

Society for Police and Criminal Psychology

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