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Bruce, Matthew J.

Assistant Professor
Butler Hall 321
(636) 949-4651

Course Information

Term Course Course Name

FA SEM 14 REL 15000 11  World Religions (GE-Phl-Rel/CrsClt)
FA SEM 14 REL 15000 12  World Religions (GE-Phl-Rel/CrsClt)
FA SEM 14 REL 20100 12  History of Christianity (GE-Phl-Rel)
FA SEM 14 REL 31000 21  Islam and the West (GE-Phl-Rel/CrsClt)
FA SEM 14 REL 40000 ARMB  Senior Project


 Matthew J. Aragon Bruce joined the Religion Department at Lindenwood in 2012. He describes his research as focused on “modernity as a theological problem,” motivated by questions such as “What is the role of theology and religious faith in post-Enlightenment societies?” and “What is the role of the religious communities in a post-colonial, globalized world.” To tackle such questions he draws not only on his areas of specialization, modern Protestant theology (Schleiermacher, Hegel, Schelling, Dorner, Ritschl, Barth, Jüngel, and Jenson) and contemporary theology (particularly liberation and contextual theologies) but also on the riches of Christian tradition (particularly Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, and John Calvin) and pre-modern Philosophy (Plato, Aristotle, the Stoics, and medieval Christian philosophy).


The question of religious faith in the modern world necessarily includes the relationship and dialogue between the major world religions. In this regard, Bruce has special interest in the history of the relationship between Islam and the West and also dialogue between Christianity and other religions, in particular Islam, Judaism, and Buddhism. He regularly teaches classes in these subjects at Lindenwood.

He is currently revising his dissertation as book tentatively titled “Trinity, Love, and Freedom: Theology without Voluntarism” in which he constructs an account of divine freedom drawing primarily on Karl Barth and Thomas Aquinas.


Educational and Professional Experience

B.A., Wheaton College (IL), 2003. Major: Ancient Languages (Classical Greek, Latin, Biblical Hebrew)

M.Div., Princeton Theological Seminary, 2006.

M.Th., University of Edinburgh, 2007. Emphasis: Theology in History

Ph.D., Princeton Theological Seminary, 2014. Emphasis: History of Doctrine



American Academy of Religion

Karl Barth Society of North America

Hegel Society of North America

Barth Translators Seminar

Charles S. Peirce Society

Selected Publications

For Dr. Bruce’s CV with a list of publications please see his page:

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