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McMaken, W. Travis

Associate Professor, Religion
School of Humanities - Public Affairs, Philosophy, Region, and Interdisciplinary Studies

Butler Hall 319
(636) 627 2507

Course Information

Term Course Course Name

FA SEM 16 REL 15000 14  World Religions (GE-Phl-Rel/CrsClt)
FA SEM 16 REL 25100 11  Jesus: His Life and Influence (GE-Phl-Rel)
FA SEM 16 REL 33000 11  Religious Upheaval in 16th Century Europe (GE-Phl-Rel)
FA SEM 16 REL 40000 ARWM  Senior Project
SP SEM 17 REL 15000 OL01 ONLNE World Religions (GE-Phl-Rel/CrsClt)
SP SEM 17 REL 24000 11  Introduction to Judaism (GE-Phl-Rel/CrsClt)
SP SEM 17 REL 32000 11  The Christian Faith (GE-Phl-Rel)
SP SEM 17 REL 40000 ARWM  Senior Project


Dr. McMaken joined the Department of Religion at Lindenwood University in 2011. In addition to his teaching, advising, and curricular responsibilities with the department, he advises the Lindenwood Delta Tau Delta colony and serves on the Humanities Research Committee. Although concentrating in Christian theology, McMaken also has interests in philosophy of religion, Chinese religions, and the intersection of religion and politics. As a systematic theologian within the Reformed branch of the Christian tradition, McMaken specializes in sacramental theology in general, baptism in particular, the work of Karl Barth, and other figures such as John Calvin, Thomas F. Torrance, Helmut Gollwitzer, Augustine of Hippo, and the Cappadocian fathers. 

Dr. McMaken also chairs the General Studies department. 


American Academy of Religion
Karl Barth Society of North America
Thomas F. Torrance Theological Fellowship 

Teaching Interests

McMaken regularly teaches the following classes: 

- REL 15000, World Religions
- REL 20100, History of Christianity
- REL 24000, Introduction to Judaism
- REL 25100, Jesus: His Life and Influence
- REL 31800, Asian Myth and Religion
- REL 32000, The Christian Faith
- REL 32600, Faith and Reason
- REL 33000, Religious Upheaval in 16th century Europe
- REL 40000, Senior projects for majors in the department 

Selected Publications







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