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Durbin, Nancy

Department Chair, Foreign Languages
School of Humanities

Butler Hall 317
(636) 949-4868

Course Information

Term Course Course Name

FA SEM 16 FRE 10100 11  Elementary French I (GE-ForLang)
FA SEM 16 FRE 20100 21  Intermediate French I (GE-ForLang)
FA SEM 16 FRE 20100 TUT01  Intermediate French I (GE-ForLang)
FA SEM 16 FRE 34314 SA11 ABRD Oral & Written Communication III (GE-ForLang)
FA SEM 16 FRE 34315 SA11 ABRD Grammar III (GE-ForLang)
FA SEM 16 FRE 34316 SA11 ABRD Phonetics (GE-ForLang)
FA SEM 16 FRE 34317 SA11 ABRD Literature I (GE-ForLang)
FA SEM 16 FRE 34318 SA11 ABRD Geography & Institutions (GE-ForLang)
FA SEM 16 FRE 34319 SA11 ABRD Gastronomy & Heritage (GE-ForLang)
FA SEM 16 FRE 34320 SA11 ABRD Cooperative Project (GE-ForLang)
FA SEM 16 FRE 34321 SA11 ABRD Oral & Written Communication IV (GE-ForLang)
FA SEM 16 FRE 34322 SA11 ABRD Grammar IV (GE-ForLang)
FA SEM 16 FRE 34323 SA11 ABRD Phonetics II (GE-ForLang)
FA SEM 16 FRE 34324 SA11 ABRD Literature II (GE-ForLang)
FA SEM 16 FRE 34325 SA11 ABRD Society & Institutions (GE-ForLang)
FA SEM 16 FRE 34326 SA11 ABRD Global Simulation (GE-ForLang)
FA SEM 16 FRE 34327 SA11 ABRD Writing Workshop (GE-ForLang)
FA SEM 16 FRE 34328 SA11 ABRD Discourse Control (GE-ForLang)
FA SEM 16 FRE 34329 SA11 ABRD Thoughtful Obervation of Language (GE-ForLang)
FA SEM 16 FRE 34330 SA11 ABRD Cross-cultural Itinerary (GE-ForLang)
FA SEM 16 FRE 34331 SA11 ABRD Literature / Culture (GE-ForLang)
FA SEM 16 FRE 34332 SA11 ABRD Analysis of Literary Texts (GE-ForLang)
FA SEM 16 FRE 34333 SA11 ABRD Arts I (GE-ForLang)
FA SEM 16 FRE 34334 SA11 ABRD Media (GE-ForLang)
FA SEM 16 FRE 34335 SA11 ABRD Cultural Project I (GE-ForLang)
FA SEM 16 FRE 34336 SA11 ABRD Epistemology I (GE-ForLang)
FA SEM 16 FRE 34337 SA11 ABRD Analysis of Academic Discourse I (GE-ForLang)
FA SEM 16 FRE 34338 SA11 ABRD Disciplinary Project I (GE-ForLang)
FA SEM 16 FRE 34339 SA11 ABRD Speech Control (GE-ForLang)
FA SEM 16 FRE 34340 SA11 ABRD Enunciative Linguistics (GE-ForLang)
FA SEM 16 FRE 34341 SA11 ABRD Rhetoric & Argumentation I (GE-ForLang)
FA SEM 16 FRE 34342 SA11 ABRD Cross-cultural Itinerary II (GE-ForLang)
FA SEM 16 FRE 34343 SA11 ABRD Literature / Culture II (GE-ForLang)
FA SEM 16 FRE 34344 SA11 ABRD Literature / History of Literature (GE-ForLang)
FA SEM 16 FRE 34345 SA11 ABRD Philosophy (GE-ForLang)
FA SEM 16 FRE 34346 SA11 ABRD Sociolinguistics (GE-ForLang)
FA SEM 16 FRE 34347 SA11 ABRD Cultural Project II (GE-ForLang)
FA SEM 16 FRE 34348 SA11 ABRD Epistemology II (GE-ForLang)
FA SEM 16 FRE 34349 SA11 ABRD Analysis of Academic Discourse II (GE-ForLang)
FA SEM 16 FRE 34350 SA11 ABRD Disciplinary Project II (GE-ForLang)
FA SEM 16 FRE 35000 21  Masterpieces of French Literature to 1800 (GE-CrsClt)


Dr. Nancy Durbin has a Bachelor’s degree in French and Political Science from the University of Missouri-Columbia and her Master’s and PhD in French Literature from Washington University in St. Louis. She has taught at Lindenwood since 2001 and is currently serving as Chair of the Department of Foreign Languages. Dr. Durbin teaches at all levels of the French curriculum, from the introductory level through 40000-level literature seminars. Though she once specialized in 18th-century French literature, Dr. Durbin now considers herself to be a generalist and has enjoyed expanding her research interests into many genres and historical periods as she has developed a wide variety of literature seminars. While she still enjoys studying and teaching the early novel, other interests include the intersection of classical mythology and French theatre, issues of post-colonial identity in Francophone literature, and French autobiography. Dr. Durbin is the faculty advisor to the Cercle français and is the director of the Study Abroad Program in Caen, France.
Courses taught:

FRE10100 Elementary French I

FRE10200 Elementary French II

FRE20100 Intermediate French I

FRE31100 French Conversation & Composition I

FRE31200 French Conversation & Composition II

FRE33700 History of French Civilization

FRE35000 Masterpieces of French Literature to 1800

FRE36000 Speaking of Art: The Pulitzer Project

FRE41000 Seventeenth-Century French Theatre

FRE41100 Rise of the French Novel

FRE41200 French & Francophone Women Writers

FRE41300Twentieth-Century French Theatre

FRE41400 French Autobiography

FRE40000 Francophone Literature

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