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School of Education - Andragogy - Dialogues in Andragogy

Dialogues in Andragogy
EDUC 404 / ADULT ED 415
Winter 2000

These pages are intended to provide easy access to the seminar participants and to interested outsiders. We are pursuing our individual objectives of learning more about the subject matter and our group objectives of:
We have created easy to follow links to the following topics:
The seminar ran through early May 2000 and we will be adding to, and changing, this site frequently throughout the seminar. In fact now that the seminar has been completed we are discovering other material that deserves posting, so we will continue to build the site. As stated above, our purpose in creating the site is to provide easy access for ourselves and for other interested individuals. We intend our material to be available to those who have an interest. We request academic honesty and courtesy, if you find something you want to use please provide proper citation.

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