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Andragogy has been a part of adult learning since 1833. The term was originated by Alexander Kapp in Germany, but antecedents reach back into ancient times when the major efforts in learning and education were conducted with adults. Andragogy may be defined as a scientific discipline for study of the research, theory, processes, technology, practice, and anything else of value and benefit including learning, teaching, instructing, guiding, leading, and modeling/exemplifying a way of life, which would help to facilitate and bring adults to their full degree of humaneness. Andragogy is one part of the broader international field of adult education, human resource development, and lifelong learning.

Andragogy Emphasis Brochure

This andragogy website is made available to anyone associated with this field who is interested in pursuing inquiry into the topic. The items posted are reports of some research which has been conducted on this topic for a number of years. One of the purposes of this website is to make numerous andragogical resources visible in one location. These resources may be opened and printed by those who wish to devote further study to them.

Another purpose for this website is to indicate that andragogy is one of the newest strands to be offered in the doctoral degree academic program at Lindenwood University, St. Charles, Missouri, USA. It is named within the Instructional Leadership Program, as an Emphasis Specialty in Andragogy. The program was approved and will be offered beginning in the Fall Semester, 2010. The Ed. D. Program was expanded to include an Andragogy strand in response to a growing need for professional educational leaders in areas other than K-12, to receive a doctoral degree of distinction serving the needs of adult learners and lifelong learning in areas such as: higher education, business, military, corporate training, healthcare, executive leadership and human resource development. The Andragogy program is a 48 credit hour program that will prepare these professionals to meet the needs of this growing Adult Education population by offering courses that are relevant to the Adult Education Field.

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