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Hammond Institute Upcoming Events

Presentation of "The Economic Outlook", Followed by Q & A: Thursday, September 3. Cletus Coughlin, Senior Vice President and Policy Advisor to the President, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. Dunseth Auditorium, Harmon Hall, 4-5:15. Hosted by the Center for Economics and the Environment.

Reviving Charity Week, September 21-25 (flier)

Business Ethics Panel: Thursday, October 15. Tom Dempsey, Former President Pro tem of the Missouri Senate, along with other panelists to be determined. Co-hosted by the Liberty & Ethics Center and the St. Charles Rotary Club.

Jan Karski Exhibit and Presentation November 1-13, Spellmann Center Lobby. The World Knew: Jan Karski's Mission for Humanity tells the story of Jan Karski, diplomat, WWII Polish resistance fighter, and eye-witness to the German Nazi death camp atrocities. He brought reports of the Holocaust to the Free World as early as in 1942 asking them to take military action while there was still time to save hundreds of thousands of lives. The exhibit is co-sponsored by the Liberty & Ethics Center and the Center for International and Global Studies.

E. Thomas Wood, the co-author of a biography of Karski, will speak on November 12, 7 pm at Dunseth Auditorium in Harmon Hall. 

Mini-Summit on Criminal Justice Reform: Monday, November 2, 2-8:30 pm. Left, Right, and Center Coming Together to Reform Missouri's Criminal Justice System. Co-hosted by the Liberty & Ethics Center and Lindenwood's Department of Criminal Justice. Participants include State Reps. Robert Cornejo and Shamed Dogan, Adolphus Pruitt III of the NAACP, Jeff Mittman of the ACLU, Marc Levin of Right on Crime, and Vikrant Reddy of the Charles W. Koch Institute. Funded by the Charles Koch Institute.

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