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Free Exchange TV

Hammond Institute
The Hammond Institute has its own program on Lindenwood University's television station, LUTV

The program is called Free Exchange and is hosted by Howard Wall, director of the Hammond Institute and the Center for Economics and the Environment, and Rachel Douchant, director of the Liberty & Ethics Center.

Episodes include discussions between the hosts on various topics, and interviews with guests, including , Richard Anderson, Tim Jones, Paul Patterson, Robert Higgs, Stephen Moore, Joseph Haslag, Donald Livingston, Carey Roberts, Kit Wellman, and Gregory Beabout.

Discussion: Lindenwood's partnership with Ferguson, Mo.; Discussion: Public Debt


Discussion: Some Economics of Wage Discrimination; Interview: Richard Anderson, CEE Senior Research Fellow, Monetary policy since the financial crisis


Discussion: Public goods and externalities; Discussion: The economics of drug legalization


Interview: Missouri House Speaker Tim Jones, Parts 1 and 2


Discussion: The financial crisis as government failure; Interview: Paul Patterson of Restore St. Louis


Discussion: What is libertarian philosophy?; Discussion: What is free-market economics?


Discussion: A free market in kidneys?; Interview: Robert Higgs of the Independent Institute


Interviews: Donald Livingston, Abbeville Institute;  Carey Roberts, Department of History, Liberty University


Interview: Kit Wellman, Department of Philosophy, Washington University in St. Louis, "Is the US criminal justice system a crime against humanity?"; Interviews: Stephen Moore, Wall Street Journal and Joseph Haslag, University of Missouri


Interview: Gregory Beabout, Saint Louis University, on his book, The Character of the Manager: From Office Executive to Wise Steward; Interview: Rachel Douchant, director of the Liberty & Ethics Center


Interview: Howard Wall, director of the Center for Economics and the Environment and the Hammond Institute; Interview: David Rosenwasser, director of the Duree Center for Entrepreneurship


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