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Foreign Languages

At A Glance:

The Foreign Language Department at Lindenwood University offers a comprehensive program of studies in French and Spanish, as well as a two-year sequence in German and a two-year sequence in Mandarin Chinese. Our primary goal is to prepare our students for citizenship in a multi-cultural, multi-lingual global community, helping them to develop both linguistic competence and cultural literacy.

In the first two years of study, we concentrate on the acquisition of functional language skills and the development of students' understanding of the foreign cultures and civilization through training in listening, comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing in the target language.

Beyond the intermediate level, we work on advanced language proficiency and cultural awareness through significant exposure to the literature and culture of the country or countries studied, giving our students the opportunity to experience literary masterpieces in their original languages and to enhance their knowledge of the traditions, achievements, and lifestyles of the international community.

These studies provide a foundation for graduate study in foreign language, literature, cultures, and prepare those who wish to become foreign-language teachers to meet the professional standards represented by the Missouri Content Assessments (MoCA) examinations. We also encourage travel and study in foreign countries and foster double majors, such as language/education or language/business, in order to enhance students' professional qualifications.
Advantages of the LU Foreign Languages program

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