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History and Geography

The Department of History and Geography is an energetic intellectual community devoted to understanding how the world in which we find ourselves developed over time.  Historians ask questions about the complex ways in which individuals, societies, ideas, and physical environments interact.  By studying the sources, we piece together what happened, analyze the significance of those events, and challenge and revise how we understand the past.  Geographers explore the physical properties of Earth’s surface and the human societies spread across it.  They examine how human culture and the natural environment influence each other, ultimately seeking an understanding of why things are the way they are where they are. 

Our students take courses in Geography and American, European, and non-Western history.  They gain actual work experience through internships and student teaching.  They spend time studying abroad and participate in a large number of activities and opportunities organized and supported by the Department.  They go on to become teachers, academics, lawyers, public historians, and informed citizens of the world.  If you are interested in studying history, we invite you to explore our webpage or, better yet, contact us.

As a discipline, history is constantly evolving and at Lindenwood we strive to stay on the cutting edge.  All of our full-time faculty members are committed scholars and teachers with earned doctorates in their area of focus.  We offer a Bachelor of Arts in History as well as minors in History, Social Studies, and Medieval and Early Modern Studies.

Meredith Marsh, PhD
Department Chair, History and Geography
(636) 949-4583

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