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Will a Lindenwood Girl Be President Some Day?:
Excerpt taken from the April 19, 1932 issue of the Linden Bark, a Lindenwood student publication.

Lindenwood students should not allow themselves to be left out of the political atmosphere of the time. Surely there are some girls contemplating a political career. Nell Donelly, once a Lindenwood student, has been chosen delegate at large to the Democratic national convention at Chicago.

President Hoover has suggested that there be more departments added to the government, necessitating more cabinet members. Why shouldn't a woman be appointed to this office? Many women have shown their ability in prominent political roles. Nellie Taylor Ross was governor of Wyoming, "Ma" Ferguson was governor of Texas, and Mary Woolley, president of Holyoke College, was delegate to the disarmament conference this year at Geneva. These are only a few examples of women who have taken prominent parts in the political world. Why shouldn't a woman be given a place in the cabinet?

The idea should be interesting to Lindenwood students, especially those studying history and government. Why shouldn't some of the students here have as their goals, an active part in the government? Ever since woman suffrage was adopted, women have been rapidly becoming more prominent. Perhaps men are just waking up to the fact that women are just as capable as they. At any rate, women have the ability; all they need is a little encouragement. The fact that Hoover suggests adding new cabinet members should be a form of encouragement to women all over the country, as an ultimate goal; but if the measure does not go through there are still plenty of offices for women, and women should get the idea that they can do such work and take an active part in it.

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