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The School of Humanities at Lindenwood University will become a familiar site to all undergraduate students. The Humanities Program at LU consists of coursework in American Studies, Christian Ministry Studies, English, Foreign Languages (French, German, and Spanish), History, Philosophy, and Religion. All undergraduate students are required to take at least eighteen (18) hours in the School of Humanities which form the foundation on which all further collegiate study is based. These courses include:
In addition, many students choose to meet their six hour cross-cultural requirement by taking courses in French, German or Spanish, or by taking additional coursework in literature, history, or religion. Students also may choose to meet one of their social science requirements by earning credit in American history. Finally, many students choose to fill elective credit by choosing additional coursework in areas of special interest within the School of Humanities.

Students may earn a Bachelor of Arts degree in any of the following areas: American Studies, Christian Ministries Studies, English, French, History, Philosophy, Religion, Spanish or Writing. Minors in these areas as well as Creative Writing and English Literature are also available. Interested students may also earn up to twelve (12) hours of credit in German language studies.
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