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LUTV - Degrees

Lindenwood offers Bachelors and Masters degrees in Communications in multiple formats. Students can choose to be part of the traditional daytime program, or they can join the Accelerated Degree Program, which is tailored to fit the needs of working adults and other non-traditional students.

Students interested in television and broadcasting can opt to major in mass communication with an emphasis in television, or they can major in journalism with an emphasis in broadcast. Both degrees offer a wide foundation in different TV and video formats, and they allow the students to focus on specific areas such as TV news reporting, sports production, editing, and more.

Lindenwood also offers BA and BFA degrees in digital cinema arts. These degrees also include a basic education in broadcast television and video, and students are able to utilize the LUTV facilities for that part of their training. Digital cinema arts students further specialize in areas such as directing, documentary production, screenwriting, editing, and more. Ultimately the degree gives students an opportunity to explore the creative parts of film and digital entertainment while also acquiring practical skills applicable to any part of the industry.

Lindenwood can also accommodate graduate students who wish to study video or cinema to supplement a communications-related undergraduate degree as well as students who have a bachelors degree in an unrelated field. These students have a unique ability to customize their masters degree program to meet their own desired learning objectives.

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