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MWR2P - Proceedings / Schedule

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Author(s) and Titles of Papers Selected for Presentation at the Conference
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Knowledge Sharing, Personality Traits and Diversity: A Literature Review
Angela Titi Amayah

Debating a New Paradigm for Knowledge Construction
Kristi Archuleta Frush, Kalpana Gupta, and Ed Cunliff

Realizing the Potential of Qualitative Designs in Education: Guidelines for Research and Practice
Wayne A. Babchuk and Manijeh Badiee

The Adult Learner Focused Institution: A Review of Midwestern Institutions and the Use of the Principles of Effective Practice for Serving Adult Learners
Deborah R. Barnett

Responding to Student Needs through Community Participation in Course Design
Gary U. Behrman, Kim McKenna, Todd J. Richardson, and Scott Freitag

Models of Common Ground for Social Action, Community Development, and Scholarly Research
Maria Beltran-Figueroa, Dan Folkman, Michelle Glowacki-Dudka, Devarati S. Syam, Rey Ty

Weaving Together the Lives of Refugee Women
Maria Beltran-Figueroa and Rey Ty

Adult Undergraduates: Exploring Factors Essential to Success and Persistence toward Educational Goals
Deborah E. Benson Moffatt

Is it a Melting Pot, Salad, or Buffet?: Culture and its Impact on Teaching.
Jim Berger

Policy, Polity, and Practice: The Conundrum of Teacher Candidate Dispositions
Cynthia Bice, Stephen A. Sherblom, Frank Thouvenot

Sustainable Learning Communities as Change Agents in Higher Education
Vivian Bogue and Michelle Glowacki-Dudka

Building on Difference: Using Action Research to Develop, Implement and Evaluate a Five-Year Diversity Curriculum in Electrical Apprenticeship
Julie L. Brockman

A Transitional Jobs Training Program: from a Non-Profit Program to a For-Profit LLC
Debbie Buchanan, Shyrida Cunningham, Daniel Folkman, and Sheryl Gotts

The Scenario of a Learning Society Model toward Promoting a Positive Paradigm Shift for Communities
Suwithida Charungkaittikul and John Henschke

Instructional Capacity Building in Postsecondary Education: Lessons from the Developing World
Sheila M. Coressel and John M. Dirkx

An Evaluation Study of a Wiki Project at a Midwest Research University
Dave Dai and John M. Dirkx

Transformative Learning Theory in Practice: The Emergence of Self in Middle School Children
Max Elsey

Andragogy and Transformative Learning: Imagination meets Rationalism in College Classrooms
Max Elsey and John Henschke

Learning from experience: A case study to manage the changeover from senior to junior workers in an Italian’s Small and Medium Enterprise (SME)
Monica Fedeli

Business Writing 101: The Evaluation Results of a Corporate Application
Scott R. Frasard, Thomas L. Graves, and Tanya L. Harris

The Relationship of Academic Courses to Skills Required of Automobile Repair Technicians
Stephen Freund

Creating Community: The Online Faculty Experience
Hilda R. Glazer and Mary Breslin

Instructors’ Applications from Summer Workshop on Inclusive Pedagogy
Michelle Glowacki-Dudka and Jennifer Murray

Building Blocks for the Adult Learning Experience
John A. Henschke

A Living Lecture for Lifelong Learning
John A. Henschke

Developing Student Critical Thinking Skills as a Community College Adjunct Instructor
Michael Robert Hepner

Taxonomy of Online Media: Integrating Andragogy, Transformative Learning, and Media Synchronicity Theory to Improve Learning
Susan Isenberg and Fletcher Glancy

Changing Practice in an EdD Program
Beth Kania-Gosche, Lynda Leavitt, and Sherrie Wisdom

Assessing Self-Directed Continuing Learning in a Different Cultural Setting
Kenneth Kungu, Felistus Kinyanjui, and Krisanna Machtmes

Human Resource Development Values: A Comparative Study of HRD Practitioners and Customers
Scott T. McClure, PhD

Andragogical Methods Applied to Nursing Education: Adult education for adult students
Sue E. McKee and Cynthia Billman

Outcomes Assessment Research with Adult Education Alumni: What is the Impact of the Degree on our Graduates?
Henry S. Merrill, Ed. D.

The Intersection of Racist and Homophobic Bullying in Adult and Higher Education
Mitsunori Misawa

Exploring the Relationship between Myers-Briggs Type and Instructional Perspectives among College Faculty across Academic Disciplines
Pamela J. Moehl

The Journey of Experienced Teachers: The Hybrid-Context Instructional Model
Udeme T. Ndon and John A. Ndon

Defining High-Quality Online Participation and its Roots
Sarah Patterson-Mills, Therese Chavaux-Turnbull, and Ron Helvey

Dogmatism and Higher Education Among Urban Police officers in a Midwestern State
Billi J. Patzius

Using Building and Construction Trades Training to Empower African American Adult Learners in a Changing Urban Economy
Kevin M. Roessger

Is Your Bias Showing? An Experiential Professional Development Training
Lynn Shaw

Conversations On Research Design (CORD): Supporting Adult Learners in Crafting a Research Project
Stephen A. Sherblom and Susan K. Isenberg

The Four Forces Behind Knowles' Andragogy
Marti Sopher and John Henschke

Moving Online Chats from Painful to Productive: The Role of E-coaching and Feedback
David S. Stein and Constance E. Wanstreet

Distance Education Research in Adult Education Journals: A Content Analysis
David S. Stein, Constance E. Wanstreet, and Candi Krisch

Embedded Programming in Schools: Adults Working Together to Develop Successful Partnerships
Devarati Syam and Marge Hebbring

Efficiency of Texting-based Learning (SMS) in Higher Education
Janet K. Talbott

Organizational Learning and Employee Retention: A Focused Study Examining the Role of Relationships between Supervisors and Subordinates
Veeranuch Vatcharasirisook and John A. Henschke

Adult Online Learners Between Screens and Print: Practices, Preferences, and Prospects
Steven Weiland and Nathan Clason

Case Study: Experiences of an Adult Learner a Multimodal Discourse Analysis Paper
Paul Wilmarth

Neuroandragogy: Making the Case for a Link with Andragogy and Brain- Based Learning
Clive Wilson

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