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LPP - Research Projects

Earning Bonus Credits Through
Participating in Behavioral Research Projects

Participating in behavioral research projects is a great way to learn more about the social sciences and how they apply to your everyday life. Now, you will also earn one bonus credit for every half hour of participation in a pre-approved research project.

If you are interested in finding out what studies are being conducted by your fellow students and possibly signing up to take part in one or more of these studies, please come and check out the big bulletin board that says "Lindenwood Participant Pool" on the fourth floor of Young Hall. On this board, you will find brief descriptions of all of the research that is being conducted with a sign up sheet attached. Please print your name and contact information legibly if you are interested in being a participant. If you have further questions regarding the study, you may contact the person(s) in charge of the study as indicated on the description form.

Only those studies you see posted on the big bulletin board have been pre-approved for the purpose of earning bonus credit toward your course. Any other research projects you may participate in will not count toward your bonus credits.

You may only sign up for the same project once. In some cases, there will be some projects that are very similar in nature and there may be restrictions on whether you may sign up for a project or not based on your participation in other studies. These restrictions will be clearly indicated so as not to cause any confusion.

You are responsible for showing up at the location and time you sign up for. If you can't make your appointment, it's your responsibility to inform the experimenter at least 24 hours in advance. If you can't reach the experimenter at the contact number indicated on the description sheet or you must make last minute changes, you can leave a message for the experimenter w/ the Lindenwood Participant Pool (contact info. on back of handout).

Because this is a bonus opportunity, you will be penalized for failing to appear or notify the experimenter of your absence. For your first time offense, your privilege of earning bonus credits will be reduced to a maximum of three bonus credits (rather than five). For your second time offense, you will be denied any further collection of bonus credits through any means even if you had earned these bonus credits up until your second time offense, you will lose all credits earned toward your course.

If you are interested in participating in research, plan early; very few if any projects will be conducted after the 12th week of classes.

***Important: If you are under 18 years old, please stop by the LPP office to get parental consent before participating in experiments!

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