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Exercise Science

Students can receive a Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science. Lindenwood University also offers 4 minors: Coaching, Strength and Conditioning, Health and Wellness, and Sport and Fitness Management.

Lindenwood University offers a Bachelors of Science in Exercise Science degree which emphasizes fitness and conditioning of individuals from all perspectives. You will study physiology and functional adaptations to movement and exercise. Areas covered are body composition, strength training, endurance training, cardiovascular fitness, fitness administration, and mental health. This curriculum includes several laboratories with enriching hands-on experiences. Internships are also required in areas of personal training, community health, corporate fitness, cardiac rehabilitation, physical therapy, exercise administration, accelerated rehabilitation or large group instruction.

Bachelor of Science in Exercise Science has 11 credits of pre-requisites for science and math, 21 credits in sciences, and requires 50-53 core credits. You will find course descriptions for other areas under their perspective majors.

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Exercise Science
Pre-requisites - Science/Math Requirements
CHM 10000 Concepts in Chemistry and Lab
BIO 10000 Concepts in Biology and Lab
MTH 14100 Basic Statistics

BIO 22700 Anatomy & Physiology I
BIO 22800 Anatomy & Physiology II
BIO 12100 Nutrition
PE 31000 Kinesiology
PE 31500 Exercise Physiology
PE 31600 Exercise Physiology Lab
EXS 3100 Biomechanics

Exercise Science
EXS 10000 Foundations of Sport and Exercise Science
EXS 20000 Concepts of Conditioning
EXS 30000 Sport and Fitness Administration
EXS 38500 Advanced Strength Training
EXS 39000 Exercise Testing and Prescription with Lab
EXS 40000 Nutrition for Performance
EXS 40500 Program Implementation
EXS 43000 Physical Activity for Specific Populations
EXS 44000 Internship
PE 16000 First Aid and CPR
PE 20000 Health and Nutrition
PE 22000 Motor Learning
PE 30500 Measurement and Evaluation of Physical Education
PE 32000 Psychology and Sociology in Physical Education
PE 35600 Methods of Weight Training
AT 29500 Introduction to Athletic Training

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