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Race Day Information

Parking is available at Harmon Hall. The parking lot is in-between the starting location and finish line. View Campus Map

The event will start at Roemer Hall and wind through the Lindenwood University’s campus ending at the 50-yard line in Hunter Stadium.

Race Map

Race Start Time:
The race is scheduled for a start time at 9:00 a.m. Depending on the number of registrations, waves may be instituted based on registration date and time. If waves are implemented, participants will be informed of the wave start times through e-mail.

Race photographs will be posted on the Lindenwood Recreation Administration Facebook page and also on the Kilometers for Chris webpage.

Team Challenges Descriptions

Team members will each be given an 18” long PVC pipe and one orange golf ball per team. The challenge requires teams to work together to move the orange golf ball through the pipes for a distance of 18 feet. If the golf ball falls to the ground the team must start again. There will be a demonstration at the start of the race.

One team member will be blindfolded and must travel through a sandy terrain while avoiding multiple objects (mines). The remaining team members must stand outside the sand pit and communicate to their blinded companion directions in order to avoid the mines. If the blinded team member touches a mine, the team must start over and switch positions with a new member being blindfolded.

Teams will work together to complete a giant game of memory. There are 12 squares that need to find their matching counterparts. The entire board must be completed before teams can move on.

All Aboard:
This challenge requires all team members to come aboard and stand together on a small elevated platform. While all team members are elevated, the team must sing one verse of “Row Row Row Your Boat.” If any team member touches the ground before the song is over, the team must begin again.

Bat Spin Relay:
The final challenge requires four team members to place their head on the end of a baseball bat and spin 8 times around the bat and then run 50 yards to the finish line. Once a the team member has crossed the finish line, the next team member would start to spin. There will only be one bat per team. If a team has a fifth member, that member can help guide their team to the finish line or choose to spin.

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