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Work and Learn

Work and Learn is a program that undergraduate resident students may participate in to obtain a reduction in their University costs.  Participation in this program is voluntary and a privilege. The purpose of the program is to build a sense of individual responsibility and dependability in the student.  Students who sign up for the program are stating that they are willing to work in a determined job for the University, and they are expected to honor this commitment.

Community Work Service 

Junior and senior level students in good academic standing are encouraged to participate in the Community Service program.  However, freshmen and sophomore level students who are motivated to do community service and can obtain the approval of the Director of Career Development, may also participate.  This program is done in lieu of the normal campus-based Work and Learn program but retains the same financial incentives.   The program enables students to be involved in hands-on experience with local volunteer and social service organizations.  This program allows students to make a difference in the community while at the same time gaining valuable employment experience and an insight into the functioning of various volunteer agencies and social service programs.

There are two forms of Community Service available: the standard Community Service, which is when a student participates by working in a nonprofit organization and the America Reads program in which the student volunteers at a local school and assists students in learning to read.

Work and Learn Program Details

The Work and Learn program may not be appropriate for all students.  Students who have extra commitments such as an excessive class load, an outside job, or sports commitments should consider not participating in Work and Learn as it is difficult to find the time and a job that fits the student’s needs.  Students who do not fulfill their Work and Learn contract will be removed from the program and must make arrangements to pay for the remainder of their charges.

Work and Learn also exposes students to volunteer agencies and social service programs in the local community. This enables students to be involved in hands-on experiences outside their normal disciplines.  The program also provides diverse opportunities that enhance students’ educational backgrounds and broaden their range of marketable talents.

Competition for jobs is fierce, and positions are given on a first-come, first-served basis.  Not all students are eligible for assignment to every position.  For many jobs, the student must meet specific criteria in order to be accepted.

Student Responsibilities: 

  • Reports to the Work and Learn Office for assignment after the Office of Financial Aid approves participation in the program.
  • Provides a significant portion of the workforce that supports and maintains the campus community.
  • Meets with a supervisor immediately to make arrangements for work and to set a work schedule.   (Students must be available for 10 hours of work each week during the hours of operation of the zone to which they are assigned.)
  • Maintains communication with assigned supervisor.  (Failure to consult/inform supervisor of changes to individual situation is grounds for removal from that work zone.)
  • Reports to work in accordance with the schedule agreed to with the supervisor. 
  • Works ONLY with a time sheet.  (Students must verify with their supervisor that their time sheet is available at the beginning of every period or by logging into the Student Portal to see if the time sheet is available for hours input. )
  • Works ONLY after being officially hired.  (At no time can a student begin work prior to a formal “ok to hire” from the Work and Learn Office.  Any hours accrued preceding the approval and the completion of the Work and Learn contracts will be null and void.)
  • Completes the time sheet every time he/she works.  (Accuracy is key to the operation of the program.)
  • Submits the time sheet at the end of each time period and verifies through the zone supervisor that it is submitted on time.
  • Understands that failure to submit an accurate and true time sheet is grounds for removal from the Work and Learn program.
  • Brings work problems/issues to the zone supervisor to be resolved.
  • Works no more than 150 hours per semester unless otherwise packaged by Financial Aid Office.
  • Students may be terminated from their assignments if they are unable to meet assignment criteria.  Upon termination, the student is responsible for paying the balance immediately for any of the hours not worked.
  • If a student is terminated from a Work and Learn position, he/she will be terminated from the Work and Learn program.
  • Hours worked outside the packaged term or zone will not be accepted without prior approval and signed documentation from the Work and Learn Office.   Any violation of this is grounds for termination.

NOTE: Failure to properly perform duties and responsibilities is grounds for removal from the Work and Learn Program at Lindenwood University.

More information about the Work and Learn can be found in the Work and Learn Handbook.

To discover more about this program, contact the Work and Learn Office at (636) 627-2584 or email

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